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Rent a scooter in Cancun. What could be simpler?

All year round, people from all over the world, as well as the USA and Canada, come to Cancun to enjoy the luxurious beaches and relax from their daily routine.

Cancun is not a very big city, but it has everything for a great holiday: luxurious beaches and resorts, shopping centers, and high–quality medicine.

As a rule, Cancun is chosen not only for a beach holiday – but also for exploring local attractions. Although Cancun is a small city, there are a lot of cars here.

When moving from the hotel zone to downtown or any other place, the best choice for you is to rent a scooter. Getting from the hotel area by car every day – you will have to stand in traffic if you do not decide to use a scooter. Moving around Cancun on a scooter will save you time on the road.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Cancun?

The cost of renting a scooter depends on the rental period. Rent for one day will cost you 500 pesos ($30.00 USD). Rent for a week will be cheaper – from 428.00 pesos ($25.00USD) per day.

Do I need an international driver's license to ride a scooter?

If you have a license for a car, you do not need to have an international driver's license. Likewise, you do not need a special motorcycle license to ride a scooter. Your usual rights are enough. The primary condition is that the driving license must be in English or Spanish.
Scooter can ride up to 80-90km/h. This is fast enough for serious problem.
You can get unexpected bumps and holes everywhere.
Local people driving not accurate and sometimes not following rules.
No medical insurance included.
Please not ride during the rain, extremely slippery.

How safe is it to drive a scooter in Cancun?
If you follow the rules of the road, the risks are minimized. Nevertheless, I would like to warn you: residents do not drive cars very carefully, and do not always follow the road rules. Drivers often don't use turn signals. Therefore, you must carefully watch other road users renting a Cancun scooter.
If you are not going to violate, then driving a scooter in Cancun will be safe for you. Just follow the traffic rules!
We are worried about your safety!
The company has a right to ask the client about a short road test before rental.
Company representatives may reject rental in case driving skills will not be satisfied
Where is the best place to rent a scooter?
Cancun is a tourist city with a year-round hot climate. Scooters are always popular here. That is why there are a lot of places where you can rent a scooter—from the hotel zone to downtown.

It is convenient to rent a scooter in the center of the hotel zone, but it costs 3-4 times more than in our company.

We offer scooter rental from $25.00/day, and we are at the beginning of the hotel zone. Also, upon request, we can deliver you a scooter directly to your hotel.

You can give the scooter back as near your hotel (for an additional fee) and return it to our service at the beginning of the hotel zone.
Scooter Rental Rules and Documents.
1. When renting any of our scooters, we take a deposit of $2500.00 pesos / $150.00 USD
2. The deposit is refunded in full after the delivery of the scooter back. We will check the integrity of the scooter, helmet and fuel quantity. If everything is in order, we will fully refund your deposit.
3. Also, for greater security, we require the presentation of a driver's license (any).

Scooters for rent in Cancun, Mexico

New models of scooters 2021-2023

Try to rent our scooter and you will surely come back to us again.

We offer for rent the newest scooters of different categories:
1) Standard
2) VIP

Transfer to/from the airport now availavle!
We will help you get from the Airport to any point within Cancun and the hotel zone and from Cancun to the Airport for $600.00 pesos/$35USD.

Italika WS 150 for Rent (Standard)

Try our scooter rental service and make a further decision from 500.00 MXN ($30.00USD) per day / $3000.00 MXN ($180.00USD) per week.

Italika WS 150 Sport for Rent (Standard)

Try our scooter rental service and make a further decision from 500.00 MXN ($30.00USD) per day / $3000.00 MXN ($180.00USD) per week.

Vento, Scooter Streetrod 150CC Roja for Rent (VIP)

Try our scooter rental service and make a further decision from 700.00 MXN ($40.00USD) per day / $4500.00 MXN ($250.00USD) per week.

BMW X400 scooter for Rent (LUXURY)

Luxury option for your vacation. If you want to rent a BMW x400, please ask us about the price.
You can read the terms of our contract by simply downloading it from the button below. We are an honest rental company with nothing to hide.

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Scooters for Rent in Cancun

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Amazing service and a nice selection of vehicles. We rented the new slingshot for the day and had a blast. These guys made it easy. Definitely recommend.
Jack Willson
Had a lot of fun and they were super nice and easy to work with so I can get on my way to riding

Anthony Lewin
The experience was everything I expected. Thank You, for giving us a quick lesson on how to ride! We rode out with friends while they were here for a Birthday turn up. I recommend this outing for everyone to enjoy atleast once.
Alex Larkins
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